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The JACK WOLSKIN outdoor shop: your specialist for outdoor apparel and travel equipment

No matter where you are and what kind of adventure you are embarking on: JACK WOLFSKIN is your reliable partner when it comes to outdoor apparel and outdoor equipment. You will find a large selection for womenmen and kids in our outdoor shop:

Functional and fashionable outdoor apparel such as jacketstrousers and tops, Useful and practical accessories, Suitable footwear for every outdoor adventure, a comprehensive range of outdoor equipment such as packsbagstravel bagstents and sleeping bags

JACK WOLFSKIN outdoor apparel for any kind of weather

Whether the sporty aspect is the most important thing to you, or you simply wish to enjoy nature and the exercise, our apparel is perfect for trekking, hiking, mountain sports, backpacking and winter sports. However, what is important is that you always have the right outdoor apparel. Active and nature-loving people are bound to find everything they need in our outdoor shop. Women, men, kids and young people can equip themselves with functional apparel from head to toe. Our outdoor apparel collection ranges from excellent functional underwear to trousers, shirts, tops and fashionable jackets.

Your jacket for every challenge

No matter where you are, your jacket will offer you protection from bad weather. JACK WOLFSKIN offers a wide selection of waterproof outdoor apparel that does a great job at keeping the wind and cold at bay. You get your hands on a range of softshell jackets, fleece jackets, windbreaks, down jackets, functional jackets and rain jackets, which are made of high-quality materials, as well as 3-in-1 double jackets and both lined and unlined TEXAPORE jackets.

Are you unsure which jacket you need for your next outdoor adventure? We’ll help you make a decision. You can select our different options to filter the jackets according to your activity, whether this is hiking, leisure or cycling. You can also choose the functions that you wish your jacket to have, for example whether it is waterproof or windproof. What’s more, you can select your preferred material and other features. If you don’t want to waste any time in the process, simply use our jacket finder to find your perfect jacket in three easy steps. This way you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you're looking for in the JACK WOLFSKIN outdoor shop!

Outdoor equipment for active people

As an expert for outdoor apparel, JACK WOLFSKIN knows what matters when it comes to outdoor equipment. Is your next camping adventure on the horizon? Our range in the outdoor shop includes packs for every purpose, as well as tents, thermal mats and much more. Many small details have also been considered for this outdoor equipment, which means it will offer everything you need for a day spent in the great outdoors. The equipment is also perfect for outdoor camping adventures. Functional and practical outdoor equipment makes a significant contribution to this.

The right pack for your adventure

Anybody out and about in the great outdoors has to carry their equipment and pack with them. JACK WOLFSKIN offers a large selection of various packs for women, men and kids that are suitable for every adventure and destination. The following packs are available:

Day packs, Hiking packs, Trekking packs, Alpine packs, Cycling packs, Running packs, Winter sports packs, Laptop packs, Photo packs and much more!

We are happy to advise you both in-store and online about what size pack you need. This way you’ll be well equipped for everyday life, when embarking on a long journey or for your next trip to the mountains. Try out the pack finder online now and discover the perfect pack for you.

Sleep as you would do at home with our outdoor equipment

Having an important sleeping bag is important for anybody travelling for longer than a day. JACK WOLFSKIN offer models in various sizes and filling volumes for women, men, kids and young people. You can also get other important items that you need for camping at JACK WOLFSKIN. The collection in our outdoor shop ranges from down sleeping bags to synthetic fibre sleeping bags. This equipment will make every trip an unforgettable experience, even at night. Jump into your cosy sleeping bag and think the day back before nodding off and dreaming about the next part of your hike or trekking trip – this is made possible thanks to the JACK WOLFSKIN sleeping bags.

Outdoor shoes: stay safe when trekking and hiking

Wearing the right footwear makes trekking, hiking, running and travelling even better. JACK WOLFSKIN offers a large selection of the following in the outdoor shop:

Trekking shoes, Hiking shoes, Leisure shoes, Mountain shoes, Running shoes, Sports shoes, Winter shoes

What’s more, you will also find trail running shoes in the collection, which are exceptionally comfortable to wear. These provide the perfect balance between the hiking shoe and the running shoe – a balance highly sought after by many athletes. You will find a selection of matching socks in the JACK WOLFSKIN outdoor shop, which you can wear to make sure that your shoes fit perfectly. This means that there’ll be no chance of your shoes rubbing and chafing during your next adventure.

Visit our outdoor shop, find the perfect equipment for outdoors, trekking and hiking, place your order and get on you way!


With us, you’ll find breathable apparel, practical equipment and robust footwear for women. Our products are suitable for diverse outdoor activities and are distinguished by their great workmanship. Our women’s apparel is available in various cuts and sizes. Since it is very casual, you can wear it not only when out walking, climbing or cycling, but for daily activities too. We also focus on functionality so that our shirts, t-shirts and jackets are breathable, windproof and water-repellent, for example.

Stretchy women’s shirts made from organic cotton

TEXAPORE is a two to four-layer functional fabric. It keeps rain at bay thanks to its weatherproof membrane and wicks away sweat from the skin. We therefore use it for jackets as well as for other tops and trousers. For outdoor tours in summer or for trips to countries with high humidity, you can also rely on our apparel with TEXAPORE 02+ that offers significantly better breathability. As regards our t-shirts and shirts made from ORGANIC COTTON STRETCH SINGLE JERSEY, freedom of movement is top priority. The material is made from organic cotton and elastane. This ensures that the material is shape retentive and stretchy at the same time. STORMLOCK HYPROOF SOFTSHELL is suitable for colder days in autumn, for example. This 3-layer laminate boasts dual-stretch properties and a supple outer material. It stands for exceptional climate comfort and protection against the rain.

Durable outdoor and leisure footwear for women

Our women’s footwear is just as versatile as our apparel. You can find hiking, trekking, and trail running shoes as well as trendy trainers for everyday activities, for example, in our online shop. Thanks to technologies developed by Jack Wolfskin, climate comfort is ensured for footwear. Among other things, the VENT SUPPORT SYSTEM is responsible for this, which generates air circulation in the shoe with every step. The soles guarantee great support on various terrains. We have developed some with VIBRAM – sole experts from Italy. VIBRAM ECLIPSE is a lightweight hiking sole with great cushioning. It is always used when a low weight is important. For Alpine outdoor tours, by contrast, you should consider our torsion-resistant VIBRAM MOUNTAIN TREK soles. They’re also perfect for when you’re on the go with a heavy pack. During development, we primarily focused on slip prevention and excellent cushioning. They are therefore made from an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole and an EVA midsole.

Practical equipment for all outdoor activities

In addition to apparel and shoes, there is a range of practical equipment for your outdoor adventures in our online shop. Our hiking, cycling, trekking and day packs have plenty of storage space and boast a flexible suspension system, which is especially and anatomically designed for women. Jack Wolfskin also has synthetic fibre and down sleeping bags and lots of other accessories. You can use our chest and side pockets and bum bags on trips for storing ID, credit cards and other valuable items, for example.


Men’s Clothing

Our online shop boasts the opportunity for you to be clad from head to toe in the unrivaled quality offered by Jack Wolfskin's collection for men. The men's collection features such highlights as 3-in-1 jackets, fleece jackets, outdoor footwear, rucksacks, footwear, shirts, insulated vests, shirts and pants. All these ranges of items combine comfortable functionality with unmistakable levels of Jack Wolfskin comfort and durability for all weather conditions and terrains.

Jackets for men

Our online shop features standard rain jackets with our patented TEXAPORE technology to ensure breathability and windproof protection. You can wrap yourself in the comforting fleece warmth provided by the inner layer of our NANUK 200 material. Many of our jackets feature the integrated ULTRA LIGHT HOOD which is size adjustable and can be modified to suit your field of vision. Our specialized winter jackets are internally insulated with the renowned MICROGUARD synthetic material.

Outdoor Footwear for men

Our men's footwear selection ranges from lightweight canvas summer shoes to high performance endurance trail hiking shoes. Our summer appropriate shoes feature the SKYWALKER sole for flexibility and comfort in urban settings. For more rural settings, we stock a wide range of hiking shoes, made from synthetic materials such as suede, imitation nubuck and polyester. Our hiking shoes feature the TEXAPORE technology to facilitate a waterproof and breathable membrane. If you are a hardcore outdoor devotee, we stock for you a wide selection of boots ideal for prolonged grueling multi-day treks. These boots feature the extreme sturdiness offered by the VIBRAM WOLF TREK sole that offers the wearer unrivalled heel support structures in addition to the impressive BRACE SUPPORT SYSTEM that supports ankle joints and the mid foot.

Rucksacks for men

If you're a cyclist or a long distance hiker who wishes to travel well supplied our Jack Wolfskin rucksacks are ideal for all your outdoor storage needs. All our rucksacks offer well ventilated impermeability due to the FLEX SHIELD XT material included in its fabric. All our rucksacks boast multiple pockets and internal straps for compression purposes, ensuring that the sacks contents can be rendered secure while the user is in motion.

Hiking Trousers for men

Our hiking trousers range for men offer such essential characteristics as an undeniable robustness that brings persistent protection from driving rain, gusting winds and piercing cold, while permitting the wearer to have considerable freedom of personal movement. Our trousers come equipped with a waterproof thermal lining, that is quite breathable and warm due to its lightweight lining made of fleece. Our high-quality, high-performance men's hiking trousers feature such wearable technologies as the elements repelling FUNCTION 65 ORGANIC EVO and micro fiber FLEX SHIELD material.


We don’t just offer clothes, shoes and accessories for women and men, but many products for kids, too, so you can enjoy hiking, trekking and mountain biking with the whole family. For example, the Jack Wolfskin online shop has tops, trousers, jackets, hiking shoes, packs and sleeping bags for girls and boys, with the focus constantly on top-quality workmanship. At the same time, we also cater to the needs of kids, meaning our fashionable outdoor apparel is available in fresh as well as trendy colours.

High functionality with our children’s clothing

Our children’s clothing is made from – depending on use and collection – breathable, windproof and water-repellent materials. TEXAPORE is a well-known weatherproof fabric developed in-house. It is made of an outer material, a membrane, a middle layer and lining. Whilst the membrane lets through smaller water vapour particles, bigger raindrops drip off the outer membrane. As a result, our children’s clothing is suitable for tours even in the worst weather. Jack Wolfskin’s outdoor equipment was also designed with kids and teenagers in mind.

Robust packs for kids aged 3+

We offer practical daypacks which aren’t just great for hiking trips at the weekend, but can be used for school too. These always come with a comfortable suspension system. Our packs with SNUGGLE UP guarantee particularly good weight distribution. The load is spread across a large, padded area, and shared evenly across the back. Consequently, there are less pressure points on the shoulders. The advantage: daypacks can even be used by kids aged 3+. Sturdy equipment is especially important for kids and teenagers. We therefore rely on durable outer materials for our bags and packs. The bases are mainly reinforced with robust ARMATECH PLUS 600D. This is an abrasion-resistant fabric made from textured polyester threads. It is permanently waterproof, colour-fast and can resist a lot of pressure.

Kids’ shoes for the mountains and valleys

In our online shop, you will find sandals and hiking/leisure shoes for boys and girls. The hard-wearing and functional fabrics allow for exciting outdoor sports too. Our children’s hiking shoes often consist of a combination of suede and a water-repellent material. The integrated TEXAPORE membrane also ensures good breathability. The soft inner material CIRCULINER guarantees amazing comfort. Furthermore, thanks to the VENT SUPPORT SYSTEM, the child is able to enjoy a pleasant wear climate with every step. So that the little ones don’t hurt themselves whilst stepping on rocks, for example, our shoes also have heel and toe caps. We focus on versatility and excellent cushioning for the soles. LITTLE ROCK ensures a sturdy sole for children’s shoes which is suitable for hiking and leisure. Thanks to its non-slip rubber shell sole with an elaborate tread, it offers good grip on various terrains. By contrast, the WOLF HIKE KIDS soles stand out due to their flexibility. They provide the same support on forest ground as they do on more challenging terrains.


The right equipment isn’t merely important for outdoor activities. You also have to ensure that everyone is well equipped on family hiking holidays. Jack Wolfskin doesn’t just offer packs and bags, but sleeping bags too, as well as tents, camping mats and much more equipment for every trip.

So much storage space: our packs and bags

Packs and bags are some of the most important equipment. Whether it’s a daypack for a day trip, alpine pack for higher terrains, or large trekking backpacks, we have a pack to suit every trip. Mountain bikers and cyclists can find packs which fit closely on the back. As a result, they offer generous freedom of movement and have a good ventilation system, so no one needs to break out in a sweat during physically strenuous activities. Those who often travel with the whole family know the problems when buying outdoor equipment for kids. For that reason, the Jack Wolfskin children’s packs are suitable to cater to every need: they are not only ideal for hikes and weekends away but are also the perfect solution for carrying things to and from school. There is also a large selection of other travel equipment. This includes tents, sleeping bags and camping mats, as well as bum bags and neck pouches, notebook cases and many more travel accessories.

Mats, tents and sleeping bags for overnight stays in the outdoors

Proper equipment is essential in order to enjoy overnight stays in the outdoors. A special insulating camping mat is required which is regularly inflated with air and therefore extremely comfy. When it comes to sleeping bags, Jack Wolfskin also has plenty to offer. For price-conscious adventurers, we have synthetic fill sleeping bags. On the other hand, our down sleeping bags are perfect for those who want to travel light, but still need good heat retention. Of course, there are also special children’s sleeping bags. The tents in our online shop offer protection against the elements. You can find everything here, from a one-person tent for a festival, to a family tent for a long expedition. Lightweight baggage is especially crucial for long-term travelling, which is why our travel accessories are exceptionally lightweight. Like, for example, towels made from MICROFIBER TERRY which is an especially absorbent and quick-drying microfibre fabric.

Security whilst travelling

Security plays a major role at Jack Wolfskin. Therefore, you will find lots of useful equipment to make your trips safer. Those who often travel to remote places are familiar with this key issue: cashpoints are not always easy to come by and many shops and restaurants also do not accept credit cards, especially in Asia. Consequently, it is always necessary to take sufficient amounts of cash when travelling, which is particularly alluring to thieves and fraudsters. Practical bum bags and neck pouches are therefore necessary so it isn’t all too easy for thieves to get to your hard earned cash. The special range of bum bags worn underneath trousers are particularly practical. And for those who wish to be even safer, a belt with an integrated money pouch is attached to the money belt. Not only do banknotes and travellers’ cheques fit in there, a passport copy can also be stowed away without any problems.